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Weekly Classes

​Updated July 18, 2017

Summer Offerings

Tuesday Level 1-2 6:30-7:50

Thursday Level 1 (Stretch/Core/Hang) 7-8:20

Friday Mornings -mixed levels 930-10:50


​Drop In classes 15$/class or $75/6 classes

Class passes are good for 12 weeks

Bring a friend to yoga!  

First class is a donation- 

(recommend min 10$)

​Guilford County Employees 

donation (min 5$)

Private Lessons-available by appointment

1 Student- 75$

2 Students- 35$ each

3 Students-30$ each

4 students-25$ each

Form your small group today! 

Yoga With Goats!!

Yes it's now in the Triad! Enjoy a fun and relaxing class sure to bring a smile to your face! Yoga with Goats (I call them kids) is a new trend in yoga. Do simple yoga poses while the goats wander around and interact with you. Our goat handlers will place the goats on your back, the goats will give you kisses, and its generally a very good time! The goats are currently only 4 months old, and are super playful, and they love this very much. Goat yoga helps relieve anxiety and depression, reduces stress, and brings joy to the practitioner. Goat yoga is a great way to try yoga for the first time, and for a fun experience! If you want to learn the art and science of yoga, I suggest you try one of my other classes.